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We've come a long way, but it is just the beginning.


Ominous Entertainment, formerly known as EXM Games is a Mexican game development company best known for the creation of the mobile game Zombie Desperation. It was founded by Mario Hernandez in 2011 as one of the first game development companies established in Mexico that has launched worldwide successful videogames. With 3 million players worldwide and being one of the few companies in the world that are able to create high quality horror experiences, Ominous Entertainment is looking to enter the console market in order to revive the survival horror genre that veteran players used to love back in the nineties.

We have been around since 2011 

Reaching over 1 million players 

(June 2013)


In 2013, Zombie Desperation reached over 1 million players, where a normal independent game should have reached around 100 000 players.

Launch of a successful worldwide game

(December 2012)


In 2012 we launched Zombie Desperation as a marketing test, we didn't expect the game to draw so much attention from the mobile game community.

High popularity at IndieDB

(December 2013)


Ominous Entertainment keeps creating projects that keep reaching new levels of popularity at the largest database of game developers on the internet.

Ominous Entertainment

Ominous Entertainment


Founded: 2011

Director: Mario Hernandez


Areas of expertise: Software development oriented to digital entertainment.

Icon of Zombie Desperation, the first game launched by Ominous Entertainment