Plan your strategy, the guards will relentlessly hunt you and your minions.


Beyond Undead is a gory strategic stealth action game where you command the hordes of the undead to unleash chaos.

Your experiments have gone too far. The company has betrayed you and now want you dead.
You must escape the complex using the fruits of your research, unleashing the hordes of the undead. Stealth kill scientist avoiding being seen by guards, then revive them to create chaos.

Escape while security is dealing with your abominations !

Command the hordes of the undead and cause some damage.

Use gadgets such as drones and smoke grenades to get out of hard situations. 

The undead has no mercy, watch them merciless rip apart the opposition.

Release Date: 2017

Publisher: ????

Prepare to go Beyond Undead

Level up to create different types of abominations, from zombies that shoot acid, to those that explode.